Is Gambling in South Korea Illegal?


Betting is undoubtedly among the most popular pastimes on Earth. However having its perhaps addictive character and also the social impacts that this may involve it’s been deemed illegal in many countries all over the world. As in the majority of Asia betting in South Korea isalso principle, most prohibited. It says from the Criminal Act, Article 246 that anyone who gambles or bets for that purpose of getting house will likely be punished by a fine of up to 5 thousand Won. Article 24 7 prohibits the launching of an area for its use of betting for a profit and sets that a punishment of imprisonment for no more than 3 decades or even a fine of upto 20 million Won.

This regulation is not a blanket exclusion of gambling and, even in Korea you, you are able to still bet beneath restricted situation – an example being to the promotion of tourism. There has already been laws enacted making it possible for gaming in certain circumstances live22.

As an example:

a. Casinos

The legislation vary to Korean and foreigners taxpayers. Since it stands in the present time the distinctive Act on the Assistance into the growth of Abandoned Mine Areas lets the conducting of their single land based casino in Korea that Korean citizens may input. It’s found in Gangwon province, at an abandoned mining district, even the remote countryside helping to further confine accessibility for Koreans.

To get non-Korean citizens the Tourism Promotion Act gives approval for resorts to use casinos that just foreign nationals are all permitted to enter.

b. Lotteries

You’ll find two lotteries open to Korean citizens the Lotto as well as also the to-to ( a sports lottery). The performance of and selling of tickets are governed under the Lottery Fund Act.

c. Racing

Horse racing and gambling in the venues is permitted beneath the Korean Horse Affairs Association Act and includes the authority of their Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Other race sports activities are also legal and regulated, such as contain biking and motor vessel racing although both come under the jurisdiction of this Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

D. Online Gambling

It really is currently a gray area as Korea does not need important laws for its specifics of on-line gaming. Arguments can be made to either side – as an instance, the monetary transactions will soon be taking place out of Korean jurisdiction so can in no way be subject to Korean law, so hence it’s extremely unlikely your hard earned money will be seized by anyone. However the conclusion user remains nevertheless in Korea therefore may well be susceptible to the federal legislation that are pertinent to general gaming. The National Police Agency has established that the felony Activity Investigation Team to aid control any possibly unlawful online activities, like gaming. This certainly shows it would be’believed’ illegal; but in present no instances have been attracted to test this.

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