Spanish Love to Gamble!


The Spanish also know how to gamble. Spanish persons bet on almost anything: bingoslots, football, horseracing and lotteries. They bet that a high proportion of these income, higher than every other nation. The number per year per head will be approximately 480 euro. Around 15 percent of the ordinary dwelling income. Some research says that they put in 10 times more on gambling whilst the spent insurance. You are able to almost say that gambling is now just a nationwide obsession.

“El Gordo” national lottery

Lotteries would be definitely the absolute most famous in Spain. Every year around Christmas Spain gets the biggest lottery of earth the”El Gordo.” This lottery includes 108 string of 66.000 tickets. The entire quantity which is wagered at he”El Gordo” is over 1,7 billion euros joker123!

But not just lotteries have become very popular, Bingo is popular for the ages.


Betting has been launched in 1977. First just craft matches were also hailed. In 1981 games of pure luck, including Slots and Bingo, became additionally legal. Then Bingo grew to become highly popular with locals. Hundred of halls started across the nation.

On account of the new country-wide smoking cigarettes law the Bingo economy has suffered a current decline in attendance. Online gambling in online casinos can be additionally authorized in Spain. So the Spanish can see online Bingo. Online Bingo operators detected a growth of 24 percent!

Online gambling is increasing

Distinct companies describe the on-line gambling industry as possibly quickest developing economy. On-line gambling businesses sponsor many of Spain’s soccer teams. So Spain can be market to track!

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