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8 Warning Signs That You Need to Check Your Dryer Vent

No one wants to deal with the aftermath of fire. After all, replacing household items, loss of photos and special keepsakes and the stack of paperwork involved is emotionally and physically exhausting. However, each year there are more than 25,000 home fires as a result of dryer vents which, in turn, cost homeowners/insurance companies more read more …


Dryer Vent Cleaning and Safety Tips

Vacuum vent fires are the # one reason behind most home fires in the US, outpacing chimney flames. Dryer vents are among the from sight, out of mind matters which you simply can’t afford to ignore. After you realize that the lint trap on a dryer (even a fresh one), only removes or stops 80 read more …


Dryer Vent Cleaning Can Help Save Money and Save Your Life

Dryer vent cleansing is also a frequently overlooked home maintenance endeavor that many homeowners miss. However, cleaning you vent system and also lint trap is not only significant, but it may be life endangering. Just how exactly? As lint accumulates within your dryer lint snare it seals an increasing number of heat. The combination of read more …