Will the Real Conservative Please Stand?


A pal here in Ashtabula, Ohio offered me a letter published by J. Craig Lewis recommending aid for Matt Lynch as the Republican candidate to the 14th Congressional District at the coming primary. Lewis, using fevered urgings worth an oncoming tsunami, urged voters to behave immediately.

Let’s take a pause here in order to know that the word,”Conservative.’ Brace yourself.

Today’s Republican Party is commanded by Marxists who identify themselves ‘Conservatives.’ NeoConservativism was introduced into the GOP by a Trotskyite (Marxist), Irving Kristol, in the 1970s. Kristol was also a follower of Leo Strauss who educated lying is the normal right because they are’destined to rule’

Most registered Republicans have been, now, completely oblivious of what has happened within the previous 40 decades.cbd oil for vape

Robert Taft, Republican candidate for President out of Ohio, has been a Conservative. Barry Goldwater has been Mr. Conservative. The current misunderstanding of the word,”Conservative,” is the result of a covert operation carried from Rockefeller Republicans beginning in the 1950s.

A true conservative follows the Constitution, keeping government local and the people in direct control.

Goldwater’s left copious quotes that left no doubt in exactly what it meant to be a Conservative. Brevity is a virtue here.

Gays in the Army -“that you don’t have to be right to fight and die for the nation. You just need to shoot straight.” ~Barry Goldwater

A woman’s right to have an abortion -“Today’s alleged’conservatives’ do not even know exactly what the word means. They think I’ve turned liberal because I think a woman has the right to a abortion. That is clearly a decision that is up to the expectant womanup to the pope or any dogooders or the Religious Right. It isn’t a conservative issue in any respect.” ~Barry Goldwater

Legalization of marijuana – Goldwater supported an Arizona initiative to legalize medical marijuana.

Position on damage to private property and wellness resulting from petroleum spills and fracking -“While I am a excellent believer in the free enterprise system and all that it entails, I’m a much stronger believer in the right of our visitors to live at a clean and pollution-free environment” ~Barry Goldwater

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